The technique used by the community of artisans with whom we work have been learning from generation to generation and is based on counting, planning and the arrangement of each stitch that they need to make on the fabric. So you can understand it better, imagine that you had a piece of fabric composed by thousands of squares, and to make possible any embroidery (figure) it is necessary to give a numerical value to each box. Making this, the artisan women transform each value into a stitch giving life to the most beautiful forms.

Their Story

Behind Agua de Chile there’s a story that really matters and that’s the story of the women that make everything possible.  As is very usual in Mexico, men of these communities have to go out of their homes to search for work, some of them go to United States and some of them go to Mexico City. These families dynamic have been going on for many years in our country but lately the dynamic have change: many women are also starting to do the same, they go out of their homes and leave their children with their grandparents in order to have a better income.

Our Reason

This particular situation was one of the reasons why we though to create Agua de Chile. We planed from the beginning a different way of work: Give to these women the chance to work from their homes, so they can have the balance between work and family. We don’t have workshops or specific work hours; they can work from their homes at their spare time and have the chance to be with their families while making something that will give them an extra income to their homes.


The way we achieve our production goals is by adding up more and more women to our team so that if some of them can´t do more embroidery, the others do it.


sé parte de la comunidad...


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